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Lovian Properties offers a premium real estate consultancy through professional experts as well as personalized and comprehensive management, from appraisal, until the moment of signing the contract.

Services to the seller


We send a professional expert who will conduct an updated market study of the property without obligation. Later, we will deliver a report with the recommended appraisal of the house, according to market price and statistics of the area, ensuring the viability of sale.



We check and legalize the legal status of your housing to comply with current regulations, both fiscal as a provision fund, mortgage cancellation, technical inspection of buildings (ITE), Energy Performance Certificate (CEE), obtaining Certificate of Habitability, etc.



We send a complete team of professionals who will perform a thorough cleaning of the housing, a painting service where it is required to give joy to the house and the necessary maintenance to sell the property with the greatest possible value. Once finished, we will decorate and properly illuminate the spaces to offer the best scenario.



We send our team of professionals who will make an extensive photographic report to highlight the best of your property through techniques and tools of 360º panoramic photography, 3-D Virtual Reality and aerial perspective videos recorded with a drone.



We install and place in the most visible area of the house a "for sale" sign to attract the attention of those potential buyers seeking housing in the neighbourhood. Lovian Properties only provides high quality materials such as PVC.

Digital showcase

We give visibility to your house in our office by our innovative digital showcase formed by monitors as posters, which displays in an exclusive and dynamic way: images, videos and the information of your property; facilitating access to our website through a QR code.


Exclusive publication in the portfolio of lovian properties: we write and describe in a personalized way, the advertisement of your housing with the most relevant details, giving it a wide diffusion through our exclusive portfolio and publishing it on the real estate platforms and web portals according to your property.

Social Media

If you wish, we promote your property in the most used social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.


with buyers

We control the operation and negotiate only with verified buyers: we filter out potential buyers through a complete analysis of their profile and real purchase interest. Not only for security, but also to preserve confidentiality and respect privacy. So we avoid inconvenience to the seller, as we only deal with really interested buyers, that is, verified profiles at a personal and professional level with proven solvency and adapted to the area and type of housing. This way, you will not waste time attending to those interested in or price of your house, and we will find the right buyer in the shortest possible time.



Without prior payment for managing the housing: do not pay until the operation closes.
Preparation of documentation and contracts: by formally accepting the sale of the property, our legal professionals will draw up the deposit contract guaranteeing the success of the operation.
Legal support to the notary: we support until the signing of the purchase and sale contract, ensuring that all necessary procedures are carried to successfully complete the operation.